Maturity Assessment

I am experienced in assessing the Company’s maturity within IT Governance. The assessment is based on CobiT – the de facto standard for IT Governance. ISACA has published a tool for this purpose, which I use for the assessment.

I have developed tools for assessing the maturity against Val IT and Risk IT – two standards closely related to CobiT. You can get a demo-version of the tool for Val IT. It is an Excel-model calculating the maturity of Your Portfolio Management. Read the short intro on sheet 1 in the model.

All maturity assessments are based on interviews with key-persons within the organisation.

Apart from the maturity assessment I offer to analyse the need for compliance with different parts of these standards based on the corporate strategy. This analysis is based on interviews with top management.

With the completed analysis and the maturity assessments we can plan the initiatives that will create the biggest improvement in the most important areas.

Download the demo-version of the Excel tool for Val IT >

EH 2010-12-17

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